Sunday, January 22, 2012

happy cny

chinese new year...40minutes more..
wao...time fllies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so fast...
everything seems so fast...
the most important aspect in life...
especially during new year tim3..
it's reunion time..
something chnge//
it's not like before..
growing up need some kind of sacrifices..
whatever u lose..
u gain something..
izzit like that?
then i hope it's true....
somehow i miss something in my life..
and i think i am getting it back this new year..
i appreciate it..
happy chinese new year..
hope everyone is happy..
happy forever^^

Sunday, January 15, 2012

new life..

wao...time flew.......time flies......
everything is so fast..
every moment is like a split second..
it's quite hard to believe that it's already 15th jan of 2012...
so fast...
will the world really end at 2012..
is it a reality?
a guess?
or just some kind of movie-unreality-thing?
life goes on..
the world end or not..
it's actually not of my business..
since we all have so much of things to do..
who cares?
who still have the time to really face the end of the world??
i am a college student now..
sometimes it is simply unbelievable...
just like yesterday i just enter secondary school...
and now..i am staying at kl..staying at hostel..
doing the laundry myself..
speaking in English with classmates...
they are all good,kind of friendly...
everyone is so brilliant here...
and sometimes i think that.
i still haven't meet with anyone who can't speak ENGLISH fluently here..
am i and my friend the only few that came from chinese school??
is that the reason we can't really speak that well in english?
but i am fine..
at least..
i think that i can still speak english ..
just sometimes there is some errors there..
it doesn't really matter..
i am quite happy when sometimes i tell people i came from chinese school,and they r like:IZZT?
hahahaha!that means my english is quite okay la!!!!!!!!!!!
i really can't belive that i can get homesick so quickly..
it is just one week..
and my friend has the same feeling with me..
anyway,i never regret to come here..
homesick is quite normal..
just because i am a human..
during friday,when the class end,everyone is like,
hooray,going home..
and i suddenly think that:
that's quite sad actually..
yesterday i went shopping with my friend..
i am quite happy actually..
because i had gone shopping with so many friends before,
and it is not like i always enjoy the shopping..
but yesterday i truly enjoy it,
maybe we have the same taste..??
i met with some SP friends..
i wonder did the homesick too??
or just me?
but someday they will definitely experience it..
sometimes i have the urge to cry...
just when i think back of all the happy moments..
the emotional get through my head in just a split second.. holiday..
how to describe it?
i miss those friends..not much of them..
but i miss them so much...
i think of the happy moment..
and i laugh myself...
yeah...there is always something very happy to remember..
that worth remembering..
i hope to say :FRIENDSHIP FOREVER...
although i know how hard it seems to be..
there's always some problem there...
but i truly love them... doesn't matter u r boy or girl.
friends can be any of it...
i truly miss the precious moment..
that will always be a great memory inside..
it never vanish from my heart...
sometimes i am wondering what they are doing now?
i am begging :please don't forget me...
but i know..
it is almost impossible sometimes...
i can't believe i am homesick..seriously..
what's the such a short time..
study..hmm hmm...i don't really get good lecturer for some subjects..
it is quite sad actually..
anyway,there is two lecturers that are good..
maybe half half la..
but i still hope to get good lecturers for all right?
this is where i choose to come..
so sure i wish for the best..
sometimes i meet with some friendly person..
actually almost all of them are quite friendly in my class...
but then,
sometimes i meet with someone who is just arrogant..
that hurts..seriously..
just like in the first thinking skill class..
so i am a little bit of ...
kind of disappointed and exhausted that day...
especially after such long hour of class..
i am kind of worried about my studies actually..
i am used to my own room,study quietly in my room,my own'world'..
but now i stay in 2 people room,
it's quite good to have a friend here..
at least to eliminate the lonely feeling..
but sometimes..
i just need more privacy..
i just need more space for myself..
i just need more quiet and aloneness to study..
to enter the other world of my books..
so the last week..
maybe i don't really get some times to study..
i will try to adapt to it soon..
and hopefully,i will get to study as soon as possible..
i come this far to study..
so what's the point that i let all the matters bother me..
and neglect my study,..
that's just pointless...
i know i need to tolerate..
ned to adapt..
maybe that sound so easy..
but seriously
it is not..for me...
i am really some kind of tired when i think of the physic lesson..
not funny..
everyone thinks it is so funny..
i just cant give even a slightest laugh..
so bad..
and pointless teaching..
i hate it..
wasting of my time..
that is th most thing i hate in this world..lie waiting for people and all..
it is all so a waste of time..
i don't really know what should i o to actually lighten up my mood...
this is the most terrible part..
facing the book for one hour without realizing what i am looking at..
it actually doesn't matter how much u read..
it's how much u get to understand..
how much u get to apply it..
it is quality rather than quantity...
i really miss my room..
the place where i can think ...
i can study..
all enjoyably...
what are the kind of mood i am in actually..
seriously..i am not sure..
today is maent to do revision..
but whole day,i am like wasting time,doing nth at all..
this is the worst feeling for me!
i hope everything will be okay soon!
i really hope so!
i am looking forward for the future..
and i donwan result to be everything in my life.
i want to have some fun...
i want to have some good memories..
so that when i thihnk back of my life..
it's not like there's just study..
such a dull life..i can't accept it..
i want it to be fun..
to be hilarious..
to be a teenager kind of life.
there are ups and downs..
cheer up for myself...
everything will be alright..
everything will be the best soon..
everything will be okay...
i will be fine
i will be good...
i will study hard..
i will play and have fun...
i will make my life meaningful..
instaed of dull...
i am looking forward to my future.... all i see...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


wow..finally trial exam past...although it is just trial..i m hapi enough^^~
i am so agitated..
she shouldn't be like this..
you know..
i try to being a friend..
and all she do is hurt me again and again..~
was that a war?~
you know how much i hate that..
i love peace more than anything else..
and you had took it away from my heart and mind..
do you know what?
i am going to say the same thing...
all comes around goes around...~^
maybe GOD want me to be strong..

Saturday, June 4, 2011


真的很长pek cek..



Thursday, June 2, 2011

what a holiday~

it was not a holiday that i planned..
with songs,
story books in an air-cond room..
with movies..
hanging out ...
bla!!!!!!wake up..
and it's tuition time!!!
i know i should stop complaining about it..
i know i am not this type of 'strong' person..
that can go for non-stop tuition..
this is not my style..
i believe in myself more..
have faith...
don't just depends on tuition..
trust yourself..
i keep reminding myself..
how much time i still need to remind myself about this??

no peace

just now i was damn shocked..
the first time i knew the feeling of scary..
and when i was shocked...
my mind just went blank and..
i juz can run..
nth else..
that two man just saw me and smile and laugh!
they were like doing some dirty expressions..
then i am scared enough and ran..
then suddenly..
a motor pass by..
i thought is that two men..
but no..
it was another one man..
and after he is gone..
he turned back his head and stared at me..
he just gave me a feeling like he was going to turn back..
oh my god..!
i was so scared..
and every house seems so quiet..
no people are outside at all..
if really anything happen,i really don't know what will happen..
thanks god..nth happen..
i promise..
i won't walk on the road alone again!
although it was a short distance..
it had made my hearts pump fast for one hour..
ok..maybe i was gutless..
i just had a very bad feeling just now..
feeling like i am in a dangerous situation..
it was like a mere escape..
if jus now i was in another dark lorong...
i was almost sure the man on motor will turn back..
it was like a nightmare..
although few minutes..
it was a life experience..
i will never walk alone at the outside of my house..
i really can't imagine if anything happen..
how much regret i will in..
just to eat hokkien mee..
it was an unsafe taman..
taman petani jaya..
no peace....

damn it! damn it! damn it! damn it!!

damn it!
damn it!
damn it!
damn it!
damn it!
damn it!
damn it!
damn it!
damn it!
damn it!
damn it!
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damn it!